So I’m a walker. It’s official.  I will be walking the Run Like Hell Run…


But hey.

It’s better than not doing it at all right?

And I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been a total slacker on updating this site. Walking just doesn’t bring out the desire to blog for some reason.

I’m starting a new blog.

Stay tuned.


Walking, Walking, Walking

Yes, walking.  My knees are much happier…as a matter of fact my whole body is so much happier — how do I know you ask?  Well this is the memo I’ve just received:

Dear Laura,

Finally.  Jeez.  That was REDONKULOUS!!!!

Please don’t try that again any time soon.


Your whole body!

Full Knee Revolt (aka 107 days left to train)

Greetings blog following friends…

Bad news.  My knees are in total revolt.  There have been many memos, a mediator, and after 6 long days of negotiations the knees have won.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that WALKING is the new plan.  For the time being I’m going to take some time off of running, at least 2 weeks (then I’ll give it a try again).  While it totally bums me out, because I really had my heart set on running, I’m going to walk instead, brisk and long walking.

Here’s the new plan for next week:  Walk 30-45 mins as my knees allow.  If I can do 45 mins, then that’s what I’ll do, if my knee(s) are being jerks then I’m just going to do 30 minutes.  And if they’re really being jerks then HELLO Gazelle Glider for the next few weeks.

So, I’m bracing myself for the possibility of walking the 10K.  I’m walking around a 15 minute mile now, and with any luck I’ll be able to walk that 10K in an hour and 45 minutes.  That seems doable.

So that’s the update.


Michael Weston (aka Day 16)

Most of you know how much I love Michael Weston (of Burn Notice for those of you who live under a rock) .  And by “love” I mean obsessive-crazy-over-the-top love (for a fictional character)… I wish I were Michael Weston — a bad ass [burned] spy with a heart of gold.  Oh ya.

I often think about what Michael Weston would do in any given situation…and in this running scenario he would do it and do it hard (that sounded dirtier than I meant it).

And so I have decided to work out like I was going to take Fi’s place by Michael’s side and need to kick some ass and perhaps run a lot…and maybe if I were lucky get to spend the night in his loft…if you know what I mean.

This running thing isn’t so bad (shhh! don’t tell Amanda I said that) — I credit the Chi Running philosophy and the leg drains.  They are pretty fantastic, plus you get to lay down for 3-5 minutes, and I like that a lot!

So my knee is still hurting, it makes crunchy noises now which is a little disconcerting.  There’s a chance that I might be run walking this 10K sucker come Oct. 24th, but I’m going to keep on trying…keep on going…because Michael Weston could be beat up, dripping with blood from a gunshot wound, get run over by a car all the while in the dizzying Miami heat and that man could run a 10K no problem…and kick some ass along the way!

Ooooh that I were Michael Weston…

Cannon Beach (aka Day 11)

A friend is visiting and we had planned to check out the Oregon Coast today.  Cannon Beach is one of my favorites.  Hay Stack Rock is so fantastic.

I walked along the beach today for the walking bit of things.

I am actually looking forward to running tomorrow.

Which is weird.

Thanks everyone for your support and love.  I really appreciate it.

A Very Bad Day

I got some very sad news — my dear friend Jeff passed away.

He had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for 18 months.  It just so happens that the Run Like Hell run is an ALS run.  So…now I have another reason to work hard and run like hell.  For Jeff.

Jeff was such a vibrant person it’s hard to believe that he’s gone.  I went over to his house every week and witnessed the ALS progress quickly and relentlessly.  He was so gracious, brave and lovely throughout.  Before the ALS, he was so active, strong and physical and watching him lose more and more of his ability to control his body inspires me to do something with mine.  I had often thought about that before and now it’s on a non-stop loop.

This run already had a lot of significance and now it has a lot more.

And yes, for those of you wondering, I did my training today.  It was hard, emotional and good.

Monday (aka Day 9)

I stayed up way too late prepping for a big job today, and it’s also an early thing…so I decided to sleep over running…I know what you’re thinking…

So, the plan is going to move to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

Never fear dear readers, it’s totally going to happen.